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Saying you don't look good in a hat is like saying you don't look good in shoes.


The only thing that separates us from the animals is the

ability to accessorize.


When Trying on a Hat

  • Look straight into the mirror with your head erect

  • Hold the front of the brim with one hand and the back of the brim  with your other hand - hands are front and back, not right and left on the hat

  • Adjust it on your head at an angle and to what looks the best. There is a tendency to plop a hat on the back of your head and expect it to be flattering - Work it a little! Make it yours!

A Comfortable Fit.

How the hat sits on your head, around your ears, over your forehead, the depth of the crown and width of the brim all contribute to a hat's comfort.

High-quality materials.

My knitted hat styles use combinations of luxurious natural yarn fibers – wool, mohair, angora, llama, silk, cashmere, alpaca. If you are allergic or sensitive to these fibers, you may not be comfortable in a knitted hat. 

My blocked hat styles are natural wools and fibers with a lining ribbon inside that hugs the head and is adjustable.

Consider Your Wardrobe and Lifestyle. 
Do you want a hat that will travel well or fit in a suitcase? A pocket?
Do you want a hat to give you light or heavy protection from the weather on your ears, forehead, and head, or to keep your glasses dry?
Do you want to wear it cross-country skiing? In bitter cold climates? In mild climates? For sun protection?
Do you want your hat to match or compliment a favorite coat, scarf, or new leather gloves?
Are there colors you feel best in and like to wear?
If the weather is drab in the winter, do you want subtlety, or do you want to add pizzazz? 
Is a hat a way for you to look and feel glamorous?

An Array of Color:

I love color (obviously, WatersColors!). It can bring out your best features like your eyes, facial details, skin, and hair. You'll be naturally drawn to colors that make you light up. Color adds depth, light, drama, texture and, most of all, personality. 



The special details of the adornments are created just for that one hat, it's what each hat yearns for to complete its personality. These might include (but aren't limited to) hand made silk flowers, velvet leaves, leather stripping, feathers, buttons and pins, embroidery, needle felting.

How To Choose a Hat

A hat show copy.jpg
Pick a style

"'C'est une chapeau magnifique, Madame!' This was what a French gentleman said to [a customer] in the elevator of our hotel. It was perfect in Paris. Thanks, again, Deb."


Enhancing Your Personal Features

Face Shape

Some hat styles will flatter you more than other styles. Consider these:


Wear the hat at a slant or have the brim sitting asymmetrically.


Wear big hats or hats with big brims worn at an angle ~ avoid a hat where the crown is narrower than the face unless the brim is the most prominent feature of the hat. 


Most any hat will look good: wear them straight across the eyebrow and hairline, or at an angle ~ avoid a crown that is narrower than the width of the cheekbones. 


Hats that are worn off the face, that sit more on the back of the head, look best.


Wear full hats or hats with brims ~ avoid tall, narrow hats.


Wear hats that sit forward on your face, rather than on the back of the head ~ brims and peaks that draw the eye to the hat, and not the nose, are usually most flattering.


Stop. Try on a hat. Try on another and another - there is a hat here just for you. When you look in the mirror and say, "Wow - I love this", it isn't the hat that looks lovely, it is you looking lovely in that hat.

How To Measure Your Head

Custom Hat Maker
Head Measurement for hat

1st – take the measurement around the head from the top of the forehead, just below the hairline, to just under the bulge at the back of the head (this gives you the width of the crown)

2nd - take the measurement from the center of the forehead, between the eyes, over the head to the center back of the head (this gives you the depth of the crown).

How to choose a hat for a woman red hat handmade

Creating a Hat

Creating a Hat

Wood blocks are used to create style and size - these hats can be made from many materials such as wool felt and various straws.

How to choose a hat for a woman - man making a hat
Handmade millinery Hats for women PNW

(source unknown)

Hand Sculpted Wool Hats purple with gold band
How to choose a hat for a woman


This form:

Custom Hat Maker online red hat

Becomes this hat

Custom Hat Maker online wool hat

Adornments can be almost anything that enhances a hat's personality.

Millinery Hat Styles with ribbons

Ribbon art

Millinery Hat Styles with feathers


Millinery Hat Styles with straw ribbons


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